• Raise awareness of Adobe as the leading, independent adtech provider with our target audience at companies and agencies spending $1M+ annually on digital advertising
• Would like to be #1 Ad tech provider (#3 after Google and Amazon)
• Be in the top three for share of voice for earned media
• Drive 50,000 visits to and Advertising Cloud
• Increase advertiser persona contact for target accounts
• Develop style guide within Adobe brand guidelines
• Work alongside copywriters to bring the team's creative big idea and deliverables to life
• Create illustrative elements to use in plan book and throughout tactics

Our campaign's creative strategy aligns with Adobe's bold personality while personalizing and simplifying the immense complexity of programmatic adtech.

We created promotional boxes filled with branded products that are both practical and shareworthy. From the box design to the items inside, each box offers ArchiTechs tangible representations of the Digital Dreamscape. We will send three types of promotional boxes over the course of the campaign: one designed for companies, one for Adobe Summit attendees and one for ad industry influencers. We hope to make ArchiTechs feel understood – just as Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising helps them understand their consumers. The design hints at the Digital Dreamscape we have created, encouraging ArchiTechs to consider Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising.
Adobe asked us to use OOH advertising – for such a niche market, we wanted to create a tactic that would not only reach ArchiTechs, but also gain PR coverage. Due to the bold colors and unique nature, this AR billboard strategically placed in business districts of New York and San Francisco, would do just that. 
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