The '10 Years of VUF' digital hub. This page is where most print deliverables pointed employees to.
Promotional piece leading employees to the digital hub to vote for the nonprofits they want to donate funds to.
I was tasked with creating a print piece that comprehensively showed the impact VUF had made from 2001-2021 and the impact that 2021 campaign was making. My solution was this: a familiar piece, a map, that presented information in an unexpected way. On a macro-level, it highlighted the impact of the last 10 years, and on a micro-level, highlighted the difference made as a result of the 10 year campaign.
Designed a t-shirt (given out to all 5,000+ employees!) to help foster a sense of pride and excitement about the campaign.
This was the piece that wrapped up the campaign at the end of 2021. Instead of the 'typical' annual review piece, our team used this form of communication to bookend the year and the campaign. 
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